ESD Safe Military Spec Bags & Film

Last Updated: November 13, 2023

At Correct Products we supply a huge selection of ESD packaging products, including pink anti-static bags, static shielding bags and moisture barrier bags. In many instances, mil-spec packaging standards are called out to fulfill contracts and orders. There are two types of military spec ESD flexible films available – military spec static shielding bags and film and ESD/EMI moisture barrier bags and film. Military specifications for flexible films consist of a material specification for the film and an additional specification governing the packaging method when the film is converted into bags.

Military standard static shielding bags meet pouch/bag packaging specification MIL-DTL-117H Type II Class H Style II. These bags feature a four layer construction consisting of a 81705-shielding-bag-with-circuit-boardstatic dissipative coating, polyester, metal and polyethylene laminate. The polyester dielectric in concert with the metal layer provides discharge shielding protecting sensitive electronics enclosed. The exterior is static dissipative and allows electrostatic charges to be removed when grounded. The material spec for the film in roll form is MIL-PRF-81705E Type III, Class II.

Bags meeting military pouch/bag packaging specification MIL-DTL-117H Type I Class F Style I feature flexible, waterproof, vapor proof and grease proof properties and are ideal cp11m-0406for long term protection, storage and transport of sensitive electronics and devices. This heat-sealable, flexible barrier material is used in vacuum sealing applications and feature ESD/EMI protection with a low moisture vapor transmission rate. The material spec for the film in roll form is MIL-PRF-81705E Type I Class I.

All military spec bags and film are printed with applicable military standard specifications and are available in many stock sizes and custom sizes. Film (Roll Stock )

Specification                                                       Pouch (Bag) Specification

MIL-PRF-81705E Type III Class II                 MIL-DTL-117H Type II Class H Style II

MIL-PRF-81705E Type I Class I                     MIL-DTL-117H Type I Class F Style I

Contact us today for your military spec packaging needs, we supply ESD safe mil-spec bags and a wide variety of barrier flexible films including Mil PRF 131 Foil Stock, Marvelseal 360, Marvelseal 1311B and Marvelseal 585.

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