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610 Presidential Drive
Suite 104
Richardson, TX 75081
Toll Free Telephone: 800-870-1199
Telephone: 972-690-6645
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  1. Hello. I would like to buy 8 Flambeau 50900 Vision 20 Carrying Case with Ultra-Clear Terpolymer Lid for a school project. When I type in my zipCode in the Shopping cart option (G6R0G8 in Quebec, Canada), it says it’s 0$. Is that a mistake? The total is 249.84$ but it’s not often I see free shipping to Canada. Also, Do you have those 8 cases stock? Because is out of stock and if you order from them to ship to me, well, I guess you won’t get them either.

    thanks 🙂


    1. Hello Janin, thank you for your inquiry. We do ship them directly from Flambeau, so if they are out of stock then unfortunately we could not get them either. PS. The shipping charge of 0$ is showing because we only ship to Canada via Freight Collect on a customer supplied UPS or FedEx account number.

      King Regards,


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