Mil-Spec Packaging for ESD Protection

Military-Spec packaging is a standardization of packaging methods and materials developed by the US Department of Defense. Mil-Spec Packaging products are designed to prevent damage, enhance uniformity and ensure stringent quality packaging standards throughout the supply chain. The United States military has some of the strictest packaging standards in the world that provide protection for items during shipment, handling, storage and distribution. At Correct Products, we supply a huge selection of mil-spec packaging products for industrial applications and ESD protection.

Many sensitive items used by the Defense and Aerospace industries are susceptible to ESD damage, corrosion, electromagnetic interference and physical damage. To ship or store electronic devices and components from facility to facility, ESD protective packaging is an absolute necessity. ESD packaging controls electrostatic discharge using special chemical coatings and antistatic materials. It eliminates or drastically reduces charge generation and accumulation, protecting sensitive electronics from damage. Without using ESD packaging, electronics are exposed to the elements and will most likely become seriously damaged. Below you will find some of the most widely used Military Spec Packaging products that provide ESD protection.

ESD Mil-Spec Bags for Electrostatic and Electromagnetic Shielding

What it the difference between MIL-PRF and MIL-DTL-117?

First, let’s define the difference between MIL-PRF standards and MIL-DTL-117 standards which can provide much confusion. MIL-PRF describes the military performance standards of what the bag is made of – for example the actual bag material. MIL-DTL-117H describes the construction for heat-sealable bags used in military preservation. This includes standards for the production of the bags including measurements, tolerances, identification, seal and seam strength.

MIL-PRF-81705E Type I Class I – ESD/EMI Opaque Static Shielding

This flexible heat-sealable barrier film is designed to protect from ESD, moisture and vapor. It is used by the military for packaging micro circuits, semiconductors, circuit board assemblies and resistors and provides full protection from ESD, static fields and tribo-charging. The Type I material provides WVR and the attenuation of electromagnetic radiation and is suitable for vacuum packaging and nitrogen flushing. Mil-PRF-81705E Type I Class I is available in rolls that can be used as shrouds or made into bags and covers utilizing a continuous rotary hand sealer.

MIL-DTL-117H Type I Class F Style I Bags – ESD/EMI Opaque Static Shielding

These ESD safe moisture barrier bags meet military requirements for heat-sealable, electrostatic protective flexible barrier packaging and are converted from the MIL-PRF-81705E Type I Class I material.

MIL-PRF-81705 Type III Cl II Electrostatic Protective

This flexible, heat-sealable film is a strong, abrasion resistant film offering excellent ESD properties. Provides Faraday Cage protection for static sensitive circuit boards, semiconductor devices and subassemblies. Available in roll stock and tubing.

MIL-DTL-117H Type II Class H Style II BagsElectrostatic Protective

These static shielding bags provide Faraday Cage protection and are manufactured from MIL-PRF-81705E Type III, Class II film. General applications are for protecting circuit boards and subassemblies. This material is not suitable for vacuum packaging.

MIL-P-82646 Rev B – Black Conductive Poly Film and Bags

Black conductive poly is constructed of a single layer of carbon loaded polyethylene and does not depend on humidity. This film provides permanent ESD protection and is used where tribo-charging is a concern. Typical applications for packaging include chemical and powder explosives. Black conductive polyethylene is available in rolls, tubing and bags.

Military-Spec ESD Bubble Cushioning, Foam and Pouches

At Correct Products, we supply a wide range of mil-spec cushioning products. Clear ESD bubble cushioning meeting PPP-C-795C, Class 2 is available in roll stock and tape and lip pouches. This clear bubble cushioning is amine free and printed with the ESD logo and PPP mil spec. Cushion pouches meeting MIL-DTL-81997 Type I feature a 2-layer construction and Faraday Cage shielding protection. In addition, we supply foam that meet A-A-59136 Class 4, Type I, Grade B – available in planks, sheets and custom foam assemblies.

MIL-DTL-81997 Type I
Shielding Cushion Pouch

Clear Bubble Cushioning meeting PPP-C-795C

Do you have a particular size you are looking for that you don’t see on our website? We work directly with our customers to devise packaging strategies that are tailored to the customer’s requirements. In fact, the majority of military spec products we supply are manufactured to custom specifications.

Correct Products has been a leading supplier of protective packaging solutions since 1983. Contact us today for a price quote and we’ll respond immediately with a detailed price quote!

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