Things You Never Thought You Could Do with Cello Tape

Cello Tape (Cellophane Tape) is great for wrapping presents, but that’s not all it’s good for. Make sure mail packages are protected or use Cello Tape labels to organize everything in your life. Many people don’t realize how versatile Cello Tape really is. Here are a few surprising ways people use Cello Tape to create art, tame clutter, or make life easier.
Cello Tape Sculpture

Use Cello Tape to create a transparent sculpture in almost any shape. Turn a guitar, a plastic animal, or even a person into a life-sized work of art when you follow these steps.

  • Working in sections, start wrapping the object in a layer of tape with the sticky side out. Cover each section with a second layer, this time turning the adhesive to the inside, so you can handle it without sticking.
  • Use scissors to cut the tape away from the object, then seal the cut with more clear tape.
  • As you remove the tape in sections, re-assemble the item until it is complete.

Create a Scratch-Guard

Use Cello Tape to protect your watch or other electronic device. Tear off a strip and fasten it to the screen, rubbing it to remove any air pockets. Use a craft razor to trim away any edges.

Upgrade Your Manicure

Cleaning Hacks

Cello Tape isn’t just for sticking things together. Wrap tape sticky side out around your fingers or a strip of cardboard and use it to clean your keyboard or remove lint from tapeclothes. Tape catches hair and removes it from unwanted areas. Next time you need to clean up broken glass, avoid cuts by wrapping a wad of paper towels in tape, sticky side out. Instead of picking up bits with your fingers, mop them up with the sticky paper towel.

In the Kitchen

Keep a roll of Cello Tape in your kitchen for a range of uses. When you’re not sure if a melon is ripe, cut out a tiny section to remove a sample. If it needs more time, use tape to seal the opening and keep your melon fresh. If you notice one of the eggs you brought home has a crack, use a small piece of tape to make it airtight again, and use it as soon as possible. If you’re always hunting the end of your roll of plastic wrap, start using a piece of tape to hold it in place and make it easy to find the next time you need it.

Critter Control

Keep your cat from scratching furniture by placing double-sided tape where you don’t want kitty to sharpen her claws. In warm weather months, create a flycatcher by Catwrapping a cardboard toilet paper or paper towel roll in Cello Tape with the sticky side out. Punch two holes in the top and thread through with a string. Hang it from the ceiling indoors or out to catch flying insects.

Shoelace Repair

When the ends of your laces get so frayed they won’t go back through your shoes, use Cello Tape to fix them. Trim half an inch of tape from the roll and wind it tightly around the lace for restored function and appearance.

Foolproof Eye Shadow

Up your makeup game using Cello Tape. Tear off a strip just over an inch long and stick it to your hand a few times to reduce the amount of adhesive on the back. Then, apply it underneath your eye to create a straight line from your eye’s outer edge to the tip of your eyebrow that is close to your hairline. Apply eyeshadow and eyeliner as you normally would. When you remove the tape, you’ll have the perfect cat eye, and you’ll be able to whisk away excess product when you remove the tape.

Lipstick Trials

Long-lasting lipstick is the best, except when you apply the wrong color. When you’re not sure what color works best with your look, draw lips in each shade on a piece of tape. Hold them up to your mouth to see how each shade will look against your skin.

Party Trick

When you’re on the spot at your nephew’s third birthday party, grab a balloon, a pin, and a piece of clear tape. Apply a small bit of tape to the balloon, and it won’t pop when you gently insert the pin.

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