The Top 10 Brands On Correct Products

Correct Products is proud to be a leader in the Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) industry. Since our inception in 1983, we’ve acquired hundreds of top brands to bring our customers the best ESD protection products available. Here are the top ten brands currently available on our website.

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#1: CCI – Conductive Containers

CCI is one of the leading suppliers of ESD-safe packaging. They manufacturer industry standard Corstat conductive corrugated, ESD safe foams and provide ESD plastic thermoforming solutions. Correct Products proudly offers a variety of Conductive Containers at low prices with bulk quantity discounts. These containers are perfect for the ESD safe storage and transport of sensitive electronic devices.

#2: SCS

SCS (formerly 3M Static Control) is a division of Desco Industries. SCS offers ESD-safe wrist straps, foot grounders, ESD workstation mats, testers, constant monitors, ionizers, packaging solutions, and more. In addition to high quality ESD products, SCS provides many additional services including EOS/ESD assessments.

#3: LEWISBins

LEWISBins is a division of ORBIS Corporation, founded in 1849. LEWISBins introduced the first reusable plastic container in North America and continues to use its expertise and industry knowledge to introduce ESD and Industrial Storage Bins. Correct Products offers LEWISBins conductive divider totes, ESD plastic storage bins and ESD trays, as well as a complete line of industrial containers.

#4: Simco-Ion

Simco-Ion is a worldwide leader in static control technologies and develops a variety of ESD ionization products, including benchtop ESD blowers, overhead ionizers, ionizing air guns, room systems and metering products. Benchtop ESD Ionizers such as the Simco-Ion 91-XC2-US Extended Coverage Ionizer are ideal for ESD workstations.  Simco-Ion is the number one choice for high-quality, affordable ESD ionizers.

#5: Tech Wear

Tech Wear is a leading manufacturer of ESD jackets and ESD lab coats. They offer a huge selection of fabrics, styles and colors. We trust Tech Wear garments to offer long lasting wear, ESD protection and comfort.


ACCVACS is our number-one brand for ESD vacuum sealers. ACCVACS offers a complete selection of sealers with touch screens, gas purge, and dual nozzles. If you need a validatable medical vacuum sealer, self-contained vacuum sealer, or an ACCVACS repair kit, you will find them all at Correct Products

#7: Botron

For a comprehensive selection of ESD test equipment, wrist straps, heel grounders, aisle marking tapes and ESD mats, count on Botron. Correct Products trusts Botron to provide quality ESD-safe products at affordable prices.

#8: Transforming Technologies

Transforming Technologies delivers a line of ESD-safe, anti-static products, including ESD rubber mats, personal grounding products, ionization, ESD test equipment and accessories. Transforming Technologies has been a trusted supplier offering a comprehensive economical selection of products.

#9: Static Solutions

If your business needs anti-static floor finish, ESD personal grounding equipment, ESD testers, and a variety of other ESD-safe products for the workplace, look no further than Static Solutions. Correct Products offers a variety of Static Solutions products at competitive prices.

#10: Protektive Pak

Protektive Pak offers conductive corrugated shipping and storage solutions featuring a buried shielding layer to protect sensitive electronic materials. They provide many different storage totes, ESD shipping boxes, turntables, and plastic ESD sheets—all available at Correct Products

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