Maintenance Tips for your Model 1600 Motorized Clean Room Shoe Cleaner

Shoe Cleaner

Last Updated: June 11, 2023

The Model 1600VA Motorized Clean Room Shoe Cleaner is not only easy to operate, but is very easy to maintain.  This mechanical shoe brush machine is designed with very few moving parts and thus requires minimal maintenance ensuring fast, effective shoe cleaning in environmentally controlled areas.

All motors and drive components are factory lubricated for the life of the equipment.  Follow the simple maintenance schedule below, may vary depending on usage.

Every Two Weeks
1) Disposable dust bags should be replaced.
2) Unit should be dusted and cleaned inside.

Once a Month
1) Vacuum filter should be replaced.
2) Brushes should be inspected and replaced if worn to assure proper cleaning action.

To prevent scratches, take care when opening the units cover.  Following these simple maintenance procedures will ensure your clean room shoe cleaner long lasting service.

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