ESD Packaging Spotlight – Conductive Bowl & Cover

Last Updated: November 13, 2023

At Correct Products, we provide a variety of ESD packaging, shipping and material handling solutions.  A popular solution for many custom applications is an ESD thermoformed plastic container, ESD tray, insert or clamshell.  Our ESD thermoforming capabilities can be utilized for both large and small production runs.  ESD plastic thermoforming offers precise, FOD free packaging and material handling and is available in a multitude of materials from clear anti-static treated plastics to black conductive plastics. 

Conductive Bowl & Cover

Recently, a military defense customer approached us with a unique requirement.  They were looking for an open top container for handling explosives. This special container needed to be reusable and ESD safe to safely handle munitions and explosives in the plant.  It needed to be plastic for reusability and also could not be rectangular in shape with sharp corners as the munitions needed to be cleaned out after each use.  It could not have folds or 90 degree corners that would collect debris and all sides needed to be smooth so as to facilitate the cleaning process.

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Our solution – a Conductive Thermoformed Bowl with matching Conductive Cover. 

This application was not going to be a high quantity production run, but with our production efficiencies we were able to provide a custom solution for this special conductive bowl.  We utilized a conductive plastic styrene to thermoform the bowl.  Conductive styrene is impact resistant, features good dimensional stability and is resistant to abrasion.  Conductive styrene also maintains excellent ESD characteristics with a surface resistivity of less than 10e4.  The end product measured approximately 7.9” in diameter x 5.625” high and featured smooth rounded inside bottom walls for easy wipe down.  This Conductive Bowl and Cover will provide the customer with years of dependable use. 

Let us know if we can help with your mil-spec packaging, ESD packaging and ESD material handling challenges.  With over 35 years of experience, we can provide the perfect custom solution to fit your needs.

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