Top 10 Ultimate Workbench Storage Ideas

Are you struggling with organizing your workbench? Unsure how to store your tools and equipment for proper use in the workplace? Operating a workbench in a lab, cleanroom, or warehouse can be a struggle. However, there are optimal storage ideas you can use to organize your workspace.

#1: Consider What You Need Most Frequently

It doesn’t make sense to keep the items you use most frequently stuffed in drawers or up on high shelves. In fact, you can clear up a lot of clutter by simply keeping these items on hand. For example, work orders and process instructions can be hung in shop travelers, placed in bins or ESD paper trays conveniently accessed on the workstation.  Assess your workbench and consider your most frequently used items. Keep these items within reach and store miscellaneous items elsewhere.

#2: Consider a Modular Workstation

Sometimes, the standard workstation does not fit all of our workbench needs. You may need different storage options for different work functions. If you need a customizable workbench, consider investing in a modular workstation. These stations can be customized to your specific needs and you can purchase different components based on your job functions, enabling you to have optimal storage space.

#3: Use a Labeling System

A lot of storage woes at our workstation can boil down to improper storage and labeling. We can lose items or forget the importance of a certain tool if we do not label them. As such, you should consider adopting a proper labeling system for your workbench. Purchasing a label maker to accurately inventory your items can make a difference in your workflow efficiency.

#4: Implement a Uniform Storage System

Do you have trouble finding important items at others’ workstations, causing chaos in the production area? You may need a uniform storage system across the board. Collaborate with your coworkers to discuss a system that would work best for everyone and train others on how to organize their workbench storage.

#5: Consider a Parts Cup Stringer

Do you work with a lot of small objects or need to catch certain items falling from your workbench? You should consider purchasing a parts cup stringer to attach to your workbench. This will help you organize and store small items in bins.

#6: Install Electronics Storage Capabilities

Paperwork can become extremely messy and difficult to handle in the workplace. Storage systems can also take up a lot of valuable space. Instead of dealing with paper, consider switching to an electronic system and give employees access to files on tablets or computers.

#7: Store Your Items in Order of Workflow

Efficiency is key in warehouse and lab processes. If you store your tools out of the order you work in, you will often misplace or lose items, or even leave your workbench a mess. When you store your items, organize them from left to right in the order of your Shadow Trayworkflow.  You may also consider foam shadow tray storage systems which improve organization, 5S compliance and eliminate FOD (Foreign Object Debris).

#8: Invest in the Power of Shelves

Shelves can add a simple, space-efficient storage method to any workbench. If you do not have shelves at your workstation already, invest in a set to store items you do not use as frequently. This will save space on your desk.

#9: Search for Specialized Workstations

Do you work in a specialized occupation, such as packaging? If so, you should invest in a specialized workstation for your job function. By purchasing a packaging station specifically, you will receive built-in storage space customized for your specific tools such as corrugated box storage and bubble cushioning dispensers.

#10: Add a Mobile CartTote Box Cart

Adding a mobile cart to your station gives you extra storage space with the ability to move the cart closer to your workbench when needed.  Typical mobile carts could be standard utility carts or sliding tray or tote box carts.

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