How to Know Your Industrial Chair Is Built to Last

Finding the best quality chair for your workplace can be difficult. Since industrial chairs can be quite expensive, you want to ensure that your purchase will prove durable. With many types of industrial chairs available, how do you know if your chair is built to last? There are a few qualities that indicate that your industrial chair purchase is a smart investment.

#1: The Chair Has a High-Quality Covering

When you purchase an industrial chair, you want to ensure that the manufacturer makes the chair’s covering out of high-quality material. You or your employees have to sit on this chair each day; you do not want the covering to split or wear down too easily. When you’re shopping for industrial chairs, make sure that the covering consists of a high-quality fabric upholstery or vinyl covering for optimal performance.

#2: The Chair Comes with a Verification of Quality

When you purchase an industrial chair, you do not want to purchase a knock-off, cheaper brand from a big box store. You want a chair that comes with third-party verification of quality to ensure that you are making a smart investment. Without bifmaverification, you’re essentially guessing at the quality of the workmanship of the chair. For best results, choose a chair that is compliant with the Business Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA) standards. BIFMA performs rigorous testing on industrial chairs to ensure durability and optimal performance.

#3: The Chair Has Ergonomic Qualities

While you want to have an extremely durable industrial chair, you also want to invest in seating that is comfortable and increases productivity. If you do not purchase comfortable chairs for your employees, they will want a replacement quickly. You should choose industrial chairs that have ergonomic qualities for optimal comfort. They should have sturdy frames, comfortable seats and backrests, and the ability to adjust height.

#4: The Chair Comes with a Lengthy Warranty

A good indication of your industrial chair’s durability is the length of the warranty that the chair comes with. A reputable manufacturer will offer a lengthy warranty for your industrial chair. Choose a manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on pneumatic lifts for your industrial chair, as well as a an extended warranty against mechanical and structural failure.

#5: The Chair Has a High Weight Capacity

Another strong indication of an industrial chair’s durability is its weight capacity. Chairs that have an accommodating and high weight capacity will ensure longevity among most of your employees. If a chair has a lower weight capacity, it will not last as long. Choose an industrial chair that has a weight capacity of 300 pounds or higher.

#6: The Chair Is American-Made

While industrial chairs made overseas may be more affordable than domestic industrial chairs, they likely will not last as long as an American-made industrial chair. They may use cheaper materials and may not contain the same third-party verification standards. For best results, invest in industrial chairs that are American-made.

#7: The Chair Has a Strong, Durable Base

If you want your industrial chair to last for a long time, you want to make sure that the chair comes with a strong, durable base. The chair should come with a 5-legged pedestal base. For bench height chairs, you should invest in a chair that has a footring for optimal durability and ergonomic comfort.

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