10 Ways Velcro® Straps Are Making a Comeback

Remember during the 90’s when the coolest shoes had Velcro® straps? Velcro® never went away; manufacturers just continued to adapt it to a variety of uses. Parents favored it for shoes because it was easy for little hands to fasten. However, Velcro® is making a comeback for shoes and décor, becoming a popular choice for all ages. Here are ten of the best uses for this versatile material.

Sneakers You’ll Never Outgrow

For a while, people drifted away from Velcro® shoes, but the look Alien Stomperis trendy again for all ages. Nike sells Air Jordans in bold colors with Velcro® straps, and either a low-cut ankle or retro high-tops. If you want something a little more futuristic, Reebok’s Alien Stomper is the same shoe Sigourney Weaver wore in the 1986 movie Aliens. It’s available now in high-tops in eye-popping colors or flashy metallic silver.

Add Fashion with Velcro®

Off-the-rack apparel becomes much more appealing with a little customization. Try these DIY fashion hacks to add pizzazz to everyday items.

  • Use Velcro® brand sticky back to add a wide strip of sparkly fabric to the collar and cuffs of a plain white shirt or denim jacket.
  • Hem the pants or dress that was too long with Velcro for fabrics. Instead of sewing, attach Velcro® to make hems the desired length.Hem
  • Upgrade a plain cotton T-shirt or tank top by attaching a few Velcro® squares to the pocket and covering it with coordinating or contrasting fabric.
  • Velcro® for Hair

If you stayed away from the Velcro® curlers your mom wore, discover why she loved them so much. Velcro® rollers are in again because they allow hair to air dry for heat-free curls. Add volume to straight hair and get soft curls that bounce for days. Women also use Velcro® straps to hold hair bows and other accessories in place without damaging elastic.

Velcro® Adaptive Clothing

Buttons can be difficult to fasten for people with arthritis or other disabilities. Some clothing manufacturers make it easier by creating shirts that look like button-ups, but have Velcro® Brand fasteners. Wearers get the polished, professional look they want without having to struggle with small buttons.

Velcro® for Medical Devices

When healthcare providers need to adapt products to meet patient needs, they often turn to Velcro® Brand technology. Velcro® industries works with worldwide medical organizations to produce some of the following:

  • Velcro® hook and loop fasteners for securing blood pressure monitors, pulse oxygen monitors, and fetal monitors
  • Velcro® closures for knee, shoulder, elbow, and foot braces
  • Support for daily living products like urinary bags and catheters
  • Fastening respiratory devices
  • Disposable Velcro® fasteners secure gowns for surgery, surgical tubing, and surgical masks.

Velcro® for Education

Teachers are using Velcro® as a versatile way to create classroom learning stations for elementary-aged students. Kindergarten educators create centers for matching colors and color names by attaching Velcro® backs to laminated construction paper or poster board. Special needs teachers create communication displays or sensory boards by covering a hard surface with Velcro® and encouraging students to attach items related to what they’re learning. For example, they might practice counting by attaching craft sticks with Velcro® backing, or use plastic letters to create words.

Velcro® for Home Décor

Many savvy homeowners use Velcro® straps to tame clutter, create unique décor, and solve common problems. Here are a few of the most creative ideas:

  • Use Velcro® to hang pictures. Instead of putting a hole in the wall, attach heavy-duty Velcro to the wall and the back of frames. Velcro® also works well for hanging window coverings.
  • Keep rugs from slipping. Attach Velcro® to the back of the rug and to the floor so it stays in place.
  • Anchor tablecloths on outdoor tables even on windy days by attaching Velcro® to the underside of the tablecloth and the edge of the table.
  • Use Velcro® to attach a waterproof radio to your shower wall for entertainment that wakes you up in the morning, or soothing sounds to get you ready for bed.

Velcro® for Organization

Individuals solve some of their biggest clutter challenges using Velcro® in the following ways:

  • Revolutionize the way you store tools in your garage. Use heavy-duty strips to hang hammers and wrenches on walls where they’re easy to find when you need them.
  • Store flashlights against nightstands for when you need them. Attach one next to the fuse box so you can see if you need to turn off the power to part of your home.
  • Loop a strip of Velcro® around cords to tame the clutter around your computer. Do the same with kitchen appliance cords so they’re easy to put away.
  • Create a charging space for your cell phone or tablet by attaching Velcro® to the wall next to a plug. Stick the other side to the back of your device.

Velcro® in Space

Nasa has been using Velcro® almost since it was invented to secure items in zero gravity. Even if you’re not planning a trip to space, Nasathere’s something to learn from how astronauts keep items that tend to float away in a predictable location. If you find yourself constantly searching for your favorite pen, personal care products, or other items, fasten them in place with Velcro® so they’ll always be handy.

Velcro® for Crafts

When people are creating unique gifts or decorative items, they often rely on Velcro® to bond fabric or hold items in place. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, available in a variety of strengths, and will continue to be a fashionable choice for years to come.



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