Valentine’s Day Crafts with Double-Sided Foam Tape

Valentine’s Day is about telling the ones you love how much you care. Every year, many people wonder how to give a meaningful gift without breaking the bank. A handmade gift tells family members and loved ones you took time to create a treasure just for them. Double-Sided Foam Tape makes it easy to give something unique to everyone on your list.

Why Handmade Gifts?

Most people know someone who already has everything. They buy what they want when they want it, and what they don’t have may not be in your budget. When you make them a gift, you give them something they couldn’t buy.

Handmade gifts are often higher quality than something you buy at a store or order online. Double-sided foam tape is sturdy, and you can purchase other craft supplies to make a lasting treasure. You can personalize your gift with initials, photographs, or your loved one’s favorite colors and patterns.

There’s nothing like when your loved one opens a gift and you see that look of amazement or gleam of tears. While a gift you bought at the store can be much appreciated, a handmade gift is one-of-a-kind and shows your thoughtfulness.

Valentine’s Treasure Box

One of the things your children treasure most is your time. Help them create a Valentine’s treasure box to give to someone they love, or to carry their class Valentines home in. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • A cardboard box
  • Double-sided foam tape
  • Brown butcher paper
  • Decorative items like confetti, glitter, small buttons or pom-poms

First, cover the box and lid in brown butcher paper using double-sided tape so adhesive doesn’t show. Then, help your child apply tape to the lid. They might use tape to shape the letters of their name or create a zig-zag or striped pattern. Allow your child to stick decorative items to the tape for a box they’ll display or give with pride.

Personalized Vase

On Valentine’s Day, take that flower bouquet to the next level by personalizing your vase. Use any glass container that’s an appropriate size for the flowers you plan to give. Remove any labels by filling a sink or bucket with enough hot water to cover the vase. Add dish soap and a cup of white vinegar, which will dissolve the label’s adhesive. After you soak for between 10 and 30 minutes, the label should scrub off easily. Thoroughly rinse and dry your bottle, jar, or vase.

Gather double-sided tape and several yards of yarn, twine, or ribbon. Starting at the base, twist the tape around the outside of the glass container until it is completely covered. Repeat the process with the ribbon or string, twisting it around the outside. When you’re ready, add water and flowers to give a beautiful bouquet with a personal touch.

Heart-Shaped Photo Collage

Surprise your loved one with some of your favorite memories in a heart-shaped photo display surrounded by lights.

First, gather the following:

  • A collection of printed photos
  • Collage paper with photo boxes in the shape of a heart – if you can’t find one available for purchase, try creating one from poster board.
  • A large corkboard
  • Thumb tacks
  • Double-sided foam tape
  • Christmas lights on white wire

Mount the corkboard to the wall near a plug, using hardware appropriate for its size and weight. Attach your photos and collage paper to the corkboard using double-sided foam tape. Then, insert thumb tacks to secure Christmas lights around the perimeter of the photo heart. Leave enough cord at the bottom so you can plug in your string of lights.

Photo Wall

Turn Your Favorite Book into a Clock

If your friend or family member loves to read, turn one of their most beloved works into a clock. Gather a paperback copy of their book, a clock mechanism, double-sided tape, a drill and numbers, then complete the following steps:

  • Compare the book thickness to your clock mechanism. Remove pages as needed so the clock will go all the way through.
  • Find the middle of the book using your ruler and mark it with a pen.
  • Choose a drill bit with a diameter close to that of the clock mechanism. Drill through the book. If some of the edges fray, carefully cut them away with a box-cutter.
  • Feed the clock mechanism through the back of the book. Use double-sided tape to secure it on the back.
  • Attach the clock hands to the front of the book. If desired, add numbers at appropriate intervals.

Book Clock

Valentine’s Votives

For a quick, easy gift that’s sure to bring smiles, gather clear glass votive holders, double-sided tape, and glitter. Tape stripes or a chevron pattern around the outside of the glass. Sprinkle glitter or confetti to cover the tape. Give the gift with a small candle so when the recipient lights it, the flames make flickering patterns as they shine through your creation.

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