Simco Ion Top Gun

The Simco Ion Top Gun is a high-performance ionizing air gun. Balanced to 0+/-15V, its high blow-off force offers rapid static charge decay and efficient cleaning. The air gun’s .2-micron filter at its exit ensures the air is clean for the most sensitive products and environments.

Benefits of the Simco Ion Top Gun

Among ionizing air guns, this product stands out due to its lightweight but durable structure. Featuring a light-touch trigger, the Top Gun is comfortable even when used for extended periods. One of the best aspects of this product is how all its functionality is built into the gun – there is a two-level LED that indicates power and ionization, a valve for flow control, and a calibration balance adjustment. Both the gun and the cable are static-dissipative. When not in use, it comes equipped with a hanger for easy mounting.

From removing particulates from optics, screens, and lenses to medical device manufacturing, cleaning glass and thermoformed trays, the Top Gun protects fragile equipment in sensitive environments.
Other aspects of the Simco Ion Top Gun include:

•  An integrated filter. This filter makes sure the air is clean at the target’s surface, ensuring your products stays clean.
•  Ergonomic design. Its lightweight design offers maximum comfort, preventing operator fatigue. At 6.5 lbs., this machine does the work it needs to with the least amount of excess weight.
•  Adjusted air flow. The gun’s flow control valve ensures proper air flow levels for all applications.
•  High performance. This tool performs at 1.3 seconds for 6” and 30 PSI. For 2” and 60 PSI, it performs in .5 seconds. Both 1000V to 100V.
•  Ionization indicator. Featuring an ionization indicator light, the Top Gun verifies whether ionization is present.
•  Balanced output. This product offers electrically-balanced ion output that protects ESD-sensitive parts and assemblies.
•  Available with a 7′ or 14′ cable

If you’re looking for an ionizing air gun to protect against ESD, Simco Ion’s Top Gun is one of the best on the market.

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