Ten Products We Carry You Don’t Know About

At Correct Products, we supply a huge selection of ESD products, as well as a comprehensive selection of cleanroom products and shipping supplies. From benches and mats to packaging and sealers, we carry all the popular products. We also carry some products you might not have imagined. These products might fill a need you didn’t know you had and offer more protection for sensitive equipment in your manufacturing environment. Consider the following useful tools you might not know we carry.


  1. Purus Clean Image Cleanroom Paper. Engineered to deliver paper that will reduce contamination in cleanrooms while increasing product yield, this paper should be the only one stocked in your cleanroom. Impregnated and covered in a special polymer, this paper inhibits chemical extractable formation and stops particle generation. It is available in 22- and 28-pound stock.
  2. Tronex Ergonomic ESD Cutters and Pliers. Round nose, bent nose, and needle nose pliers (among others), as well as every size of cutter, are available with ESD safe ergonomic handles. Though the tools may come as no surprise, the comfortable ergonomic grips of these uniquely designed tools might surprise you.
  3. Ergonomic ESD Wrist & Arm Rest Supports. Ergonomic ESD safe wrist and arm supports protect against hard or sharp edges of workbenches. Ideal for microscope applications and much more. Easy to assemble, increases worker comfort. bm24
  4. ESD Floor Mats In Colors. The Ergomat Infinity anti-fatigue floor mats offer ESD protection in a variety of colors including black, blue, red, silver, white and yellow. Available in bubble and smooth surfaces, this matting is also suitable for Class 100 (ISO 5) cleanroom applications. Chemical and UV resistant.
  5. Clear Anti-Static Amine Free Bubble. We offer clear anti-static bubble cushioning in rolls, sheets and bubble bags. Clear ESD bubble is printed with the ESD logo and meets PPPC-795C. An excellent substitute for pink anti-static bubble products that are not amine-free.
  6. ESD Lazy Susan/Turntables. Turntables are crucial for handling awkward or heavy equipment, but when you need to protect that equipment from ESD, turn to our turntables. These lazy Susans aren’t actually lazy – they work to protect your sensitive products with a conductive base and a rubberized top surface that keeps material from slipping.
  7. ESD Hook and Loop Tray Straps. Velcro can be an ESD nightmare, and because just 1 volt can damage static-sensitive devices, having proper hook and loop tray straps will keep your equipment from shifting and your electronics safe from ESD.
  8. ESD Trash Cans. Available in a variety of sizes, styles and materials including ESD plastic, conductive corrugated and stainless steel. ESD safe trash cans replace static generating non-ESD plastic trash cans. The utilization of ESD trash can liners is also recommended.
  9. ESD Reel Bins. ESD Reel storage bins and containers are ideal for organizing and storing reels. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes suitable for 7”, 13” and 15” reels.
  10. ESD Workstation Organizers. These conductive workbench organizers increase productivity by standardizing hand tool, wiper and bottle placement. Keeps workstations clean and tidy. Available in both conductive corrugated and heavy duty conductive fluted plastic.

We offer everything to protect your workspace from ESD, even a few things you might not have thought were available – and this list isn’t exhaustive; it’s a sampling of our complete line of ESD products, which you can explore online.

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