New ESD Smocks from SCS

New ESD Jackets from SCS are designed to be anti-static, low tribocharging and will create a Faraday Cage around the operator to protect ESD sensitive devices from any static charges that may be present on the operator’s clothing. These smocks are available in blue and gray and range in sizes from XS – 6XL.

ESD labcoats and smocks are a crucial element for any ESD program. ESD smocks attenuate electrostatic fields that may be on personnel clothing. Although a user may be 77010_3grounded by a wrist strap, insulative clothing fabrics are isolated from the body and may cause harmful static discharges. SCS smocks are designed to meet the requirements for Groundable Static Control Garment System per ANSI/ESD S20.20 with a required limit of < 3.5 x 10e7 ohm Rtg tested per ANSI/ESD STM2.1 and ESD TR53.

SCS smocks are constructed of a lightweight dissipative polyester fabric with 9% carbon fibers criss-crossed throughout the fabric. The conductive nylon fibers provide consistent charge dissipation. Each smock features a tag-free neck label with sizing and laundering information sublimated on the inside of the back collar. The ESD smocks are jacket length and feature a 3 pocket design, stainless steel snaps with V-neck collar and knitted ESD cuffs. The knitted ESD cuffs provide “hip-to-cuff” grounding, which means a user can snap a ground cord directly to the snap located on the garment for grounding – eliminating the need for an ESD wrist band.

Contact our friendly customer service staff today at 800-870-1199 for more information on ESD smocks or SCS ESD products.

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