Warehouse Safety

Keeping your warehouse safe involves a lot of strategic planning, teamwork, and smart maintenance initiatives.

Warehouse Safety Products

The best way to keep your warehouse safe is to invest in the proper safety products. Warehouse employees who regularly handle chemicals need specialized chemical splash goggles. Other industries may need dust respirators to keep employees safe from hazardous debris in the air, or hard hats depending on the company’s safety codes.

Many warehouses and manufacturing facilities have large pieces of machinery and equipment that require hearing protection, eye protection, and/or safety licenses. In some cases, standard foam earplugs may work, while in other cases workers may need soundproof headphones. You can protect workers who operate large or dangerous machinery with the right safety products as well as with proper training.

One of the most important pieces of safety equipment for warehouses is proper fall protection. Fall accidents account for a large number of workplace injuries and fatalities. Providing Occupational Safety and Health Administration- and American National Standards Institute-approved positioning belts is the best way to protect workers from dangerous falls off tall equipment or ladders. Back support belts are important for workers who do strenuous activity or heavy lifting. Keeping a well-stocked first aid kit in your warehouse at all times is imperative in case of emergency.

Identification Materials

In a large warehouse or distribution center, it’s important to properly identify and label stored inventory, equipment, and hazardous materials. Properly labeling materials can prevent major accidents such as chemical burns or electrostatic damage if workers handle sensitive electronic items. Incorporating an organizational system in your warehouse can ensure workers adhere to safety standards and don’t misplace important materials.

Rack labels, such as write-on magnetic strips and rolls, can help organize your warehouse. Label all shelves, boxes, and containers. Waterproof markers, such as Sharpie brand, Warehouse Photoensure your labels won’t wash off or wear away over time. Magnetic vinyl envelopes allow you to insert your own labels in a weather-resistant seal, and move easily because of their magnetic backing. Magnetic cardholders are another viable option. If a box holds sensitive or fragile materials, mark it using special tape or fragile labels. Labeling hazardous materials, such as harmful chemicals, is crucial to protecting warehouse workers. In the ESD industry, it’s especially important to label sensitive electronic components, such as circuit boards and integrated circuits. Without proper labeling, workers may accidently damage components with electrostatic charges.

Maintenance Necessities

Taking care of your warehouse requires more than just proper safety products and organizational strategy. It also involves keeping up with warehouse maintenance. To maintain a productive and efficient warehouse, you need to buy the right warehouse brooms, cleaners, and carts. Cleaning products and concentrates should be designed to handle oil spills, grease, concrete, and other surfaces. Wipes and rags need to be sturdy enough to handle large messes, yet soft enough not to scratch equipment. Oil and chemical spills can lead to severe slip and fall accidents, and obstacles on the warehouse floor can pose tripping hazards. Keeping the appropriate cleaning tools on hand can prevent major accidents.

Rely on Correct Products for Your Warehouse Supplies

Correct Products pioneers the ESD industry when it comes to supplying warehouses with the proper safety equipment. From personal protection such as cut-resistant gloves to industrial-grade utility knives and staplers, we have everything you need to equip your warehouse to the highest standards of safety and productivity. You can browse our expansive list of warehouse supplies online, or call (800) 870-1199 to speak with a representative about the warehouse options that are best for your business.

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