Tips On Keeping a Clean and Productive Workstation

Title: Tips On Keeping a Clean and Productive Workstation

Keeping a clean and productive workstation is critical for the safety and efficiency of working around electrostatic discharge (ESD). Unlike employees in other industries, ESD workers have to account for more than just “normal” workplace messes. Instead of worrying about spilled coffee or lunch crumbs, ESD workers have to worry about compliance.

Make Sure Your Workstation is ESD-Compliant

The first step in workplace safety and productivity is keeping your workstation compliant. A noncompliant ESD workstation does not have the equipment and materials designed to prevent ESD damage. Compliant workstations include a properly grounded ESD workbench mat that allows employees to place sensitive electronic components down. Workstations without properly grounded ESD mats present a hazard to sensitive components and assemblies. In addition, personnel at the workstation should always be grounded using an ESD safe wrist strap.

Ground your ESD Work Bench or ESD Table Mat

Verify your ESD ground cord ground is properly secured to the grounding snap on your ESD table mat and the ring terminal is effectively connected to an earth ground, such as an electrical receptacle. If you keep a messy workstation, it’s easy to overlook fine details such as the security of your ground cord. ESD constant monitors are effective in alerting a user when their ESD mat is not properly grounded.

Keep Your Workstation Free From Clutter

Keeping a cluttered workstation increases your chance of exposing delicate electronic Tool%20Cubby%201components to harmful static charges. Consider ESD safe plastic bins or ESD workstation organizers to keep swabs, tape, wipes and cleaners in order. ESD shadow trays manufactured from ESD safe foam provide an effective storage solution for tools. Completely customized to fit your tool selection, shadow trays provide an excellent storage solution for cutters, pliers, tweezers and much more.

Leave Personal Belongings Behind

Introducing charge generating items such as plastic, vinyl or Styrofoam into the work environment introduces an electrostatic field in the atmosphere. Only an ESD air ionizer can remove the electrostatic field these non-conductors introduce. The best way to ensure ESD compliance at the workstation is to leave non-essential personal belongings at home or in a locker. Even a purse or bag made out of polyester present a hazard.

Perform Routine Checks

It’s a good practice to check your workstation for noncompliance, safety hazards, and unnecessary clutter after every shift. If you wait for clutter to build up on your workstation, it takes more time and energy to clean. Dispose of non-essential items as soon as possible to eliminate waste buildup in your area. Routinely checking your workstation for dangerous elements can help prevent static damage.

Clean and Maintain Monitor Screens

You should always use a soft cloth to clean your monitor screen, as well as compressed air to blow away debris from computer components. A fuzzy or broken screen can obscure important information, leading to worker error and potential hazards. If you need to replace your monitor screen, let a supervisor know as soon as possible. The best way to prevent your screen from becoming dirty is to wipe it down at the end of your shift.

In the ESD industry, it’s very important to maintain a clean workstation. A disorderly workstation can result in catastrophic ESD failure or a latent ESD failures. Keeping your workstation clean and productive is easy with help from Correct Products, where we offer an enormous variety of ESD table mats, production aids, workstation organizers, and personal grounding products.

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