10 ESD Products You Should Be Using

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage and completely destroy sensitive electronics, erasing magnetic media and even causing explosions or fires. These 10 static control Caution ESDproducts are crucial to any ESD program and will help protect delicate electronic components from harmful electrostatic discharge.

Table Mats
Grounded ESD mats and rolls prevent circuit boards and other electronic devices from damage by dissipating harmful static charges. ESD mats come in multiple layers, levels of flexibility, materials and sizes, depending on your needs.

Heel Grounders
Personal grounding is an essential part of electronics manufacturing. Easy-to-wear ESD heel grounders, when used with ESD floor mats or ESD flooring safely grounds mobile personnel. Heel straps are available in a variety of styles, brands and colors.

Wrist Straps
Wrist Straps are the foundation of any ESD program and will safely ground the user at the workstation. Available in single-conductor, dual-conductor, and disposable wrist strap varieties.

Lab Coats and Jackets
ESD lab coats suppress electrostatic charges on the wearer’s skin and clothing. ESD Lab coats and jackets are comfortable, stylish and come in many styles and colors, all made with conductive threaded fibers for ESD protection.

ESD gloves come in a variety of styles – sure grip, palm-coated, stretch, powder-free, polyurethane, extreme temperature thermal – all of which protect your ESD sensitive devices from both particulate, skin flakes and ESD damage.

Antistatic and static-dissipative hand lotion is a great way to ensure optimal wrist strap performance. ESD lotion creates a layer of moisture that improves contact with ESD wrist straps and contains ingredients specially formulated for the electronics industry.

ESD Totes
Conductive totes are an ideal way transport and store static sensitive items. Available conductive lids create a Faraday Cage protecting devices and parts from harmful static charges in the environment.

ESD Bags
ESD bags are available in a variety of sizes and styles including metallized static shielding bags, ESD moisture barrier bags and anti-static poly bags. Utilizing static shielding bags will allow you to safely ship, transport and store your ESD sensitive items.

ESD ionizers neutralize static discharge by balancing the ions in the surrounding air, controlling insulative items that can’t be grounded. ESD ionizers are available as bench-top fans, ionizing guns, and overhead ionizers.

Surface Resistivity Meters
Surface Resistivity Meters are an important tool in analyzing the effectiveness of ESD materials in an ESDS work area. Surface Resistivity Meters allow the user to measure the resistivity of ESD table mats, conductive boxes, bags, totes and many other ESD products.

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