New Surface Resistance Travel Kit from Transforming Technologies

Introducing the new SRM330 ESD Surface Resistivity Meter from Transforming Technologies.  This meter features a unique color coded screen and two lightweight “travel” probes that eliminate the need for cumbersome 5lb weights featured in standard kits.

An ideal kit for testing materials for electrical resistivity/resistance according to EOSESD, CECC, ANSI, ASTM test procedures. The meter is battery powered and equipped with built-in parallel electrodes that provide quick surface measurements.  Pressing the lightweight travel electrodes simulate the 5lbs of pressure necessary to measure resistance point-to-point (RPP) or resistance-to-ground (RTG).  This kit is an excellent choice for periodic verification of ESD flooring, ESD mats and static safe packaging materials.SRM330 Test Kit

• Easy-to-read color coded screen
• Includes lightweight travel probes that eliminate the cumbersome 5lb weights of standard kits
• Includes carrying case
• Measures RTT, RTD, Humidity & Temperature
• Meets periodic test requirements per Compliance Verification ESD TR53 and conforms to ANSI/EOS/ESD (S4.1, S7.1, S12.1, S2.1).

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