Accessorizing and Configuring Divider Box Totes

Divider box totes are one of the most popular and versatile totes for storage and handling; utilized in a wide range of industries such as electronics manufacturing, healthcare and industrial distribution. Ordering the proper accessories will help maximize the efficiency of these multi-purpose totes.
Divider Totes

Divider boxes are a stack only tote box manufactured from high density polyethylene.  They are ideal for storage and assembly operations. Featuring strong stacking ridges, these totes provide a load capacity of 40lbs per container.  Divider totes are available in ESD safe conductive and static dissipative materials, as well as standard plastic for commercial applications.  Choose from a variety of colors and from top brands LewisBins and Intermetro Olympic.

Covers & Lids – Choose from two available styles.

Snap-On Covers feature molded-in tabs on one side that hook under container lip to guide the cover into place.  These covers will stay securely on the tote.

Insert Style Covers rest inside the container perimeter stacking ridge to protect against dust and contaminants. Features a finger hole for easy removal.  These covers do not snap securely in place and could fall off if the container is tipped over.

** Clear covers are available to facilitate visual inspection, non-esd applications only.

Dividers – Dividers slide easily into molded “no guess” divider grids. Each divider slot is numbered to facilitate adding or removing dividers as your requirements change.

DC1000 LayoutVertical Dividers will help increase product protection and create a “custom size” cell partition to fit more parts per tote and prevent part migration. Each tote box has a maximum number of long dividers and short dividers allowed.  The dividers slide in a groove that is dividable on 1.25” centers.  This allows you to create custom cell sizes as small as 1.25” x 1.25”

*Tip – Utilize the convenient Divider Layout diagrams listed on each tote box page to determine maximum number of short and long dividers per tote box.

Horizontal Dividers increase available space in your tote box by dividing the containers horizontally. Horizontal dividers are an excellent choice for small parts.  Horizontal dividers are available in white only, not available in ESD safe materials.


Collars – add an extra 3.5” height to your tote with add-on collars. Fits the DC3000 LewisBins series totes.  You can add up to two collars per tote.

Cardholders – Each tote box comes with two preinstalled snaps that will accommodate envelope style cardholders.  Simply snap the cardholders on to the tote and add a card for identification.  Choose from many sizes, available in ESD and standard clear.

Mobile Dollies are available for easy transportation of loaded tote boxes up to 560lbs – fit DC3000 series totes only. Available for ESD divider totes and standard models, these dollies come with two fixed and to swivel casters.

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