CCI/Conductive Containers – Supplier Spotlight

Correct Products is a proud distributor of Conductive Containers. We’ve partnered with CCI for over 30 years to offer solutions to the most challenging ESD packaging, storage and handling applications.  Offering both stock CCI products and custom items, we can supply a packaging solution to fit most any requirement.

Stock products offered by Conductive Containers include Corstat conductive circuit board boxes, small parts IC shippers, ESD bins and totes, ESD foams and static safe kitting trays. Consistently introducing exciting new products, CCI is on the forefront of ESD packaging design.  New products have recently 3been introduced such as Tacki Pak component handling cases that secure parts firmly to an ESD safe tacki surface and cleanroom safe ESD plastics for use in manufacturing trays, hinged containers and much more.  Contact us for information on new products and stay tuned for details on the new ESD Cleanroom Waffle Paks.

Need a special size box, bin, tote or foam insert? CCI specializes in custom with more than 80% of business coming in the form of custom projects. Correct Products and CCI have worked on a myriad of custom Corstat boxes, ESD thermoformed trays and clamshells, conductive and antistatic foam trays, tote inserts and fluted plastic totes.

Corstat Conductive Corrugated, Die Cutting, Mold Design, Thermoformed ESD & Cleanroom Plastics, ESD Foam Fabrication

ESD Materials:
Corstat – conductive corrugated paperboard, industry standard for circuit board boxes and component shippers.

CFP – Conductive Fluted Plastic or corrugated plastic – great for durability and long lasting protection, waterproof, an alternative to Corstat.

ESD Foam – Conductive, Dissipative, Antistatic, Memory Foam

ESD Thermoformed Plastics – conductive, clear dissipative, ultra-clean washable PETG, light blue ESD/Cleanroom

As the first distributor to introduce Corstat boxes to the Southwest, the Correct Products staff has over 50 years of combined experience working with CCI products. From design to prototype, we work hand in hand with CCI to create the perfect package to safely store and transport your valuable static sensitive products.

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